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Sabtu, 14 April 2012

ihiiiiii lagi

I was in the endless my solitude space,
Miserable and moaning at every track of time,
Where I found longing?
Or a heart left to freeze,
Icebergs into the stone,
Is there a dark soul will be shut,
Imprisoned in the heart of bitterness,
Why are you scatter plot romance until I stumbled and fell in love with folded arms?
The love that makes me hurt and cried for days without stopping,
Love that imprison me in a full range of punishment of time,
I love the peel with a sharp razor nicks,
The love that makes me drunk and destroyed, then pain, and torture in the cramped space and quiet.
Love that never ends. end and I started to hurt and after injury,
It is love that makes me drowning in a toxic storm,
Love the moaning in the sinking sun and the dark torment,
Auhhhh ... ...! I slumped, staring at empty space always
Looked at me full of humble, full of weeping and crying,
Is sick of me love stoned to death in a cruel punishment!

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