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Sabtu, 14 April 2012

I wish I could go back

I wish I could go back
at heart a pearl crack,
find time in the day,
is missing and returned,
anyone come and gone,
I was tormented by the heart and soul,
I wish I could go back
Here work as penance monastery who never completed,
moaned in between the rib pain,
along every fatigue,
This is the monastery without forgiveness,
which will kill whole soul and heal my heart without,
I wish I could go back
I want to be like before,
enjoy the love and kisses,
released without stifling breath,
make me be in heaven who missed
I wish I could go back
now lives in the moment of sadness and tears,
emptiness without boundary,
walking on the arid day,
carved and painted every pebble with blood and tears,
makes me want to end this hermitage ....

I wish I could go back

I wanted to like the old days when exposed ears beautiful intimate whisper from you,
made me fall in love's arms,
enjoy your heart strings,
although only an instant flame,

I wish I could go back

when the candle was extinguished all,
and I just bit my finger hurt themselves.

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